Bradford Competition - Nov 2013

10th June 2013

The first competition in the new Bradford Arena in the UK will be the weekend of the 9th 10th November 2013.

Coolock Competition - Nov 2012

2nd August 2012

Quasar Coolock will host a competition this November - the first tournament held in the centre for almost 10 years.

Chester dates confirmed

16th September 2011

The dates for the first full Tournament to take place in Chester have been announced as the 22nd and 23rd of October 2011.

Overnight... all day

10th June 2011

On Saturday the 18th of June 2011 there will be a full day of regular Quasar in Bray, from 11am-6pm. Basically the same as an overnight, just during the day.

Searcy World Tournament Date Changed

31st March 2011

Due to popular demand the dates for the Searcy World Tournament 2011 have been changed to September 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2011.

Bray March 2011 Results

20th March 2011

1s, 2s and Tournament results, another win for the USA side and a triple crown for Dan McKeen.

Bray Software Changes

20th February 2011

Quasar Bray has now changed their software version, now running on version 2.57

Whitstable Tournament 2011

25th January 2011

Dates are now set for the 2011 Whitstable Team Tournament. Running all day on Saturday 11th June and Sunday 12th June 2011.

Bray November 2010 Results

21st November 2010

1s, 2s and Tournament results, a win for MOTU for the first time in almost 3 years.

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