While there was once an abundance of Quasar related sites on the Internet, the closure of centres and loss of players has resulted in a sharp decrease in this number, with very few of the “original” centres or player's sites still online. And even if they are still online, very few are often updated.

But there is still an online presence for the Quasar community, and the remaining or new centres in general; here we have a list of links to websites & information sorted by area – UK & Ireland, USA, and the Rest of the World.

If you know of a Quasar/Q-Zar website worth adding to the lists, please contact us on [email protected]

Latest News

Quasar Forum

The Quasar Forum is an active place for players in the community to talk about the sport.

Players from Ireland, the UK, USA and further afield use the forum to discuss aspects of the game, make announcements, and to organise events and competitions.

Visit the quasar forum

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