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This is when a player is able to shoot and be shot.

Double Download

When a player returns to the Energiser, he/she downloads the information about being shot into the computer, and in return gets more lives. Sometimes during the game, a player will download information, but not be re-energised.They then have to download again, twice giving information to the computer, and so losing more points.


Regs, or regulars, are Quasar players who play often, and have a good skill level.


C.P. is the name given to newcomers or general public in the game of Quasar, as regulars see them as Clay Pigeons or easy kills.


A 'bong' is a shot on a player by a team mate, named so because of the sound it makes. These shots will make a player Alive from after being shot, and if timed correctly, can be used to cancel opposing shots.


This is a term used to describe covering of Quasar packs by parts of the human anatomy. This particular skill is outlawed in Tallaght rules (Quasar 500 Rules) but is allowed in International play.

Reflex Shot

Once a player is shot in the game of Quasar, he/she is simply able to shoot an opponent within 1.3 seconds afterwards.This is like a dying shot, and can be cancelled.


This is when a player gets shot at the same time when he/she is firing, but his/her gun does not register this. A cancel is a fault in the system of a gun, whereby only one function is performed at any given time. Because firing is the basic function, the pack only concentrates on this, even if being shot at that time, and so cancels the opposing shot.


A double is another fault in the gun, which leads to a player being shot twice. This involves being shot, going for a reflex, and being shot again almost simultaneously. When a player is shot, and has 1.3 seconds to 'reflex' an opponent, he/she tries to shoot someone. At this time, the pack, 'thinks' that it is alive, because it is able to shoot. Now it is able to be shot again, a second time. If the opposition time this correctly, then they will be able to perform a double. Obtaining Doubles on opponents is one of the more skilful or even lucky techniques.

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