Competition Quasar Rules

The following are the rules used for all competitive Quasar in UK & Ireland.

  1. No Physical Contact
    This means that a player cannot intentionally or accidentally Hit, Push, Lean on or Support themselves on or against another player with themselves or with their gun.

  2. No climbing on or over; jumping on or over; vaulting on or off the obstacles in the Arena.

  3. Players must hold the gun with both hands at all times.

  4. Full cover is not permitted
    This means that a player cannot assume a 2g, Crab, Christmas tree, or any other cover which covers both sides of the gun as well as the front pack at the same time.

  5. Players must not invade the personal space of other players.
    This means if you get close enough to hamper the movement of another player or their gun. A guideline for this would be to keep within arms length of your opponent. If he hits you while he raises his gun then you are to close.

  6. When a player has lost all his lives he must return without delay taking the quickest path possible to the nearest energizer.
    This means that when a player needs to re-energize he should do so without delay by taking the quickest (not shortest) path to the nearest energizer. If a path is blocked due to dueling then an alternative path might have to be sought. (If so this path should be quicker than waiting to get through the duel safely.) If waiting to pass and you stop you may not provide a bounce for that duel however if you are passing a duel and are still moving towards the energizer you may. Remember a player that is alive has right of way over a player who is returning to energizer. The dead player returning to the energizer should always keep out of the way of Active players (players with lives on their gun) and Active players that are Down (players on defense shields) should give right of way to players that are Up and can be shot (this includes warnings).

  7. When a player is providing a mirror he must keep in mind rule 5 and if he has no lives left he must also keep rule 6 in mind.
    This means that a player giving a Mirror(providing a bounce shot off his pack or body) must not encroach on the player who is being mirrored. He must also if dead not stop or alter his route to the energizer to give the mirror. He may however angle himself as he passes by to give a mirror. If he/she stops or walks by for another go they will be warned.

  8. No player by his/her actions should cause a hazard to themselves or another player or any part of the Arena.
    This means that a player:
    1. Cannot lie down in or on any part of the Arena.
    2. Cannot intentionally trip another player or maneuver themselves in such a fashion as to cause a hazard to themselves or another player, Including doubling at the waist.
    3. They must at all times show respect for the arena structure, Equipment and other players. Warnings will be given for abuse of the guns or Arena.

  9. No player by his/her actions should intentionally obstruct an opposing playerss shot, including bong shots.
    This means that you can not, whether your equipment is active or not, maneuver to block another players shot, whether its a shot for a kill on a player or a bong or a base activation.

  10. No player by his/her actions should intentionally obstruct an opposing players progress through the Arena.
    This means that a player:
    1. Except when dueling, should make every reasonable effort to allow another player to pass.
    2. When dueling should make every reasonable effort to allow the player that they are dueling to move past or around them.
    3. Can never intentionally block a player from entering or exiting the headquarters

  11. No player is allowed to leave the Arena during the course of play unless permitted to do so by a Marshal.
    This means:
    1. If you are unable to continue play you should get a Marshal to escort you from the Arena.
    2. When in need of a gun change you should go to an energizer with a Marshal, download your gun. The Marshal will plug the gun and escort you out for a gun change.

  12. No gun keys or universal remotes are allowed to be brought in to the Arena.
    Only the Marshals can bring a gun plug into the arena. The penalty for breaking this rule is Disqualification for your Team.

  13. Leg raising can only be used to balance yourself or help effect your cover.
    Leg raising can not be used to limit another players movement (rule 10) nor can it be used in an unsafe manor (rule 1). Although the knee is allowed to be raised the lower leg must remain vertical to the ground.

  14. Cupping is only allowed if both Hands (rule3) are on the gun.
    This means cupping a shot holding the gun in one hand is not allowed as it breaks rule 3. Touching the gun off your arm is not acceptable either. Your both HANDS must touch the gun at all times as stated in rule 3.

  15. No fat packing, No Floppy packing, No bias of packs in any way.
    This means that you must wear your packs centered at all times and secure to your body not flopping all around. You can cross your straps provided they do not drag your packs up, down or to the side and the straps do not block any sensors. Shoulder straps should not be interfered with. Using obstacles to bias packs is not allowed e.g. clipping.

  16. No Fat arming no Floppy arming.
    Tubi grip may be worn from top of arm to wrist but can not be built up to thicken arms and cant be layered in such a way as to reduce the natural arc of the wrist or create an arch any where else. Baggy T-shirts may not be allowed if it is in the Organizers belief that they are adding to the difficulty of hitting the players packs.

  17. No running at great speeds, or in an uncontrolled or dangerous manor.
    If a player collides with another player or obstacle he will be automatically deemed uncontrolled. If the player is full out running with no due regard to possible human traffic that could appear without warning from a door way etc it will be deemed Dangerous. The Marshals decision is final.

  18. Covering your speaker is allowed.

  19. Players must always conduct themselves in a sporting fashion.
    This means
    1. They must not verbally abuse or threaten the Marshals or any other players.
    2. Must try and play their games of Quasar in a true spirit of fair play.

  20. The Marshals decision must be complied with by all.
    1. If a player thinks a Marshal is being unfair they are allowed to bring it before the Organizer and his decision must be complied with.
    2. If you have a problem with the choices of Marshals for any of your matches you must get your CAPTAIN to approach the Organizer before the match commences.

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