When you play your first game of Quasar, you will be briefed on the game, and how to play. This involves a general introduction to the game, and basic information on the objective of the game and what to do. Most people only need to be briefed on the game once, as it is very easy to get the hang of.

 As players get to know the game more, they get to learn a few things that make it a lot more fun. One of the most interesting and appealing things about Quasar, are the little intricacies involved in the game, from the format settings, to the bugs and features. There are a number of aspects that separate Quasar from other laser tag systems and shooting games, such as reflex shots and cancels, bongs and doubles. You can read about these and more in the tips and terms section.

 While all current competitions are run on the same format (Supercharge), there are a number of other formats that can be used in the game, including Energise, which is the traditional game format once used in Irish competitions.

 Aside from normal centre rules (no running, no physical contact, both hands on gun), competitive players have devised a set of fair and compromised competition rules, to allow teams from different countries and styles to play together in a way that enables them to play for the most part how they wish.

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The Quasar Forum is an active place for players in the community to talk about the sport.

Players from Ireland, the UK, USA and further afield use the forum to discuss aspects of the game, make announcements, and to organise events and competitions.

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