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There are usually 3 or 4 large Quasar competitions each year, taking place in various centres in both Ireland and England. Additionally, every few months there may be a small Pick-em tournament or Overnighter, organised sometimes as a warm up for a main event, or as a chance for people to play in a new arena.

Bradford 2013

9th November 2013
First ever team tournament in the new Bradford centre.

Whitstable 2013

1st June 2013
The 4th yearly Whitstable team competition, June 2013.

Bray 2013

22nd March 2013
Small tournament in the regular March spot for Bray.

Coolock Competition

3rd November 2012
First competition in Coolock for 9 years, with 2 small competitions taking place over the first weekend in November (3rd - 5th).

Q-Zar World Tournament

31st August 2012
World Tournament taking place in Concord, USA. Dates: Friday 31st Aug - Sun 2nd Sept 2012

Whitstable Team Tournament

16th June 2012
The 3rd yearly Whitstable team competition, June 2012.

Bray World Championships 2012

16th March 2012
Yearly World Championships held in Bray, Ireland on St. Patrick's Weekend 2012. 8 teams participated, from Ireland, USA, Scotland, England and Russia

Chester Comp 2011

22nd October 2011
First full Tournament to take place in the newly renovated Chester arena, in North Wales, UK. UK & Ireland Championships.

Searcy, Arkansas 2011

2nd September 2011
World Tournament held in Searcy, Arkansas Autumn 2011. International Tournament, due to the presence of a majority Irish team.

Whitstable 2011

11th June 2011
The 2nd yearly Whitstable team competition, taking place in June 2011. 9 teams from UK & Ireland attended, competing in a league format.

Bray World Championships 2011

19th March 2011
The largest competition ever held in Ireland, with 15 teams, featuring players from USA, England, Ireland, Wales, Sweden, Scotland and Russia.

Bray - Nov 2010

20th November 2010
UK & Ireland Championships in Bray, won by MOTU for their first competition win in over 2 years, beating Darkside in the Final.

Whitstable 2010

19th June 2010
The Inaugural Whitstable Team Competition, with 8 teams and a league format, won by Hen-Dubz in their first competition together.

Bray World Championships 2010

13th February 2010
World Championships 2010, won by the USA side, who beat MOTU by 12pts in the final.

South Shields - Oct 2009

31st October 2009
The last competition held in the old South Shields arena. Won by Darkside, with Dodgers and MOTU completing the top 3, making an all Irish top 3 in South Shields for the 3rd time in a row.

Bedford 2009

4th April 2009
The final competition in the Bedford Arena, won by Borg in the final game, with a 9pt aggregate victory over MOTU.

South Shields - Feb 2009

14th February 2009
The first of 3 competitions in England in 2009, won by the Dodgers, with MOTU and Dark Side in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Bray World Championships 2008

7th November 2008
The 5th World Championships in 4 years, and the 3rd to take place in Quasar Bray, was held on the 7th, 8th and 9th of November 2008. With 10 teams the format was 2 groups of 5, with an 8 team double elimination bracket.

Wigan 2008

21st June 2008
The 2nd UK & Ireland Championships held in Wigan, took place on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of June 2008. The competition was played in a league format, with nine teams.

Bray April 2008

10th April 2008
Nine teams from the UK & Ireland attended this 3 day competition, which meant that we had enough time to run a league format.

Bedford 2008

9th February 2008
The first regular competition held in Bedford in 4 years, which was a UK and Ireland Championships, with thirteen teams attending

South Shields World Championships 2007

9th November 2007
Another great Quasar weekend was had in South Shields, with great excitement from the single elimination format and the fact that there were six teams in the running for the title.

Wigan 2007

30th July 2007
The inaugural competition held in Quasar Wigan in summer 2007, which took place on the last weekend of July. 12 teams attended from across the UK and Ireland to compete in the new arena, which was ultimately contested by MOTU and The Dark Side.

Bray World Championships 2007

30th March 2007
Held over 3 days, with 14 teams. This was the first World Championships since the last Bray competition, and so was the big competition of 2007. There was a lot of controversy before, throughout and after the competition due to a strange anti-pack watching rule, which affected a lot of teams.

South Shields 2006

6th October 2006
First competition to be held in South Shields Quasar since the World Championships in November 2005, this was a UK and Ireland Championships, with 3 teams from Ireland.

Bray World Championships 2006

26th May 2006
The 3rd Competition to be held in the relatively new Bray arena, which was a World Championships. 12 teams from the UK, Ireland and USA took part in the competition, making it the biggest competition held in Ireland since 2003.

Bray - Feb 2006

17th February 2006
The 2nd competition to be held in the new Bray centre, this UK & Ireland Championships proved to be far more successful than the first.

South Shields World Championships 2005

11th November 2005
Held in South Shields in early November, the first World Championships to be held in the UK, and the first since March 2003, when the Q-Zar World Championships was held in Quasar Coolock, Dublin Ireland. The competition was won by the USA team, who beat out the top European side Borg in the final.

Bray 2005

26th August 2005
Held in Quasar Bray on the 26th, 27th & 28th of August 2005, as the centre's inaugural competition. The competition was a league format, with 8 teams participating. The game format was Supercharge 6, 15 minute legs, and 6 player teams. Controversially for a UK & Ireland Championships, legs were not played back-to-back, but instead in a home/away fashion.

South Shields - June 2005

5th June 2005
UK & Ireland Championships, a warm up for the World Championships to be held in South Shields later in the year.

South Shields - June 2004

4th June 2004
Another UK & Ireland Championships held in South Shields

Bedford 2004

6th February 2004
Another UK & Ireland Championships in Quasar Bedford

South Shields 2003

4th October 2003
UK and Ireland Championships, first competition of it's kind to be held in South Shields, Newcastle.

Bedford 2003

8th June 2003
UK & Ireland Championships, the first one to be held in the new Bedford Arena.

Coolock World Championships 2003

28th March 2003
The first World Championships to be held since 1998, and the first ever to take place in Ireland, this was the biggest Quasar competition that Ireland had ever seen. With 13 teams, there was 7 Irish sides, 4 English and 2 teams from the US.

The Final Q

22nd March 2002
The Final Q was supposed to be the last competition to be held in Quasar Coolock (hence the name). UK & Ireland Compromised Rules applied, and the format was Supercharge 6 lives, 3 second base delay. Despite only 4 players per team, only 10 teams attended.

Quasar Tallaght Competition 2001

13th October 2001
Despite being the only remaining Quasar 500 Rules abiding centre in the Republic of Ireland, it was Quasar Tallaght who decided to stage a covering competition in October 2001, following the success of the Super Q Competition held in Coolock in June.

Super Q 2001

22nd June 2001
The first ever UK & Ireland Championships was held in Ireland, with 3 teams from England and 2 from Wales.

Coolock Massacre 2001

11th February 2001
The Quasar Coolock Massacre in 2001 was the first Irish Competition attended by UK players, and also the first time covering was allowed in an Irish competition.

Bedford 2000

18th November 2000
This was the first English tournament featuring an Irish team since 1993, with a mixture of players travelling to Bedford to take part in the UK Nationals.

Quasar Coolock Revival 2000

25th August 2000
Quasar Coolock was host to The Quasar Coolock Revival 2000, a tournament with 5 players per team, and Supercharge 3 lives format. Six teams took part in this tournament, The Hit Squad, Masters Of The Universe, The Avengers, Gobbo The Destroyer's Champions of Chaos, The Reapers, and the FCA.

6th Quasar 500

27th November 1999
There were only 5 teams in this tournament, The Reapers, Masters Of The Universe, The Dark Side, No Ma'am, & The Nuns On the Run. The Reapers played in both groups, but in the end were the only team not to reach the final. The Competition was always a two horse race, between the rivals The Dark Side and The Masters Of The Universe.

5th Quasar 500

27th June 1998
On the 28th & 29th of June 1998, the 5th Quasar 500 competition was held in Quasar Tallaght. There were 7 teams in this competition, split into two groups, with the top two teams from each group going into a final group of four. The competition was won by the Dark Flowers team from Belfast.

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